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Barrx™ Products

Barrx™ Flex System

Easier. Faster. Smarter.

Introducing the new Barrx™ Flex Energy Generator, a bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) Energy Generator designed to precisely control depth and uniformity of tissue ablation in the GI tract.

One Generator. Multiple Solutions.

Provides the flexibility to choose either the Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter for larger circumferential treatment areas or the Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheter for treatment of smaller focal areas.

EasierHALO FLEX Close-up

  • Seamless transition between circumferential and spot treatment cases.
  • Intuitive sizing provides improved differentiation between the esophagus and stomach.


  • Rapid firing for reduced procedure time:
    Recovery in <2 seconds with Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheters.


  • Automatically recommends ablation catheter sizing.
  • Tracks and displays total number of ablations.
  • Automatically adjusts default power density settings to match catheter.
  • Platform for future clinical and product innovation.


Barrx™ Flex System Specifications

Barrx™ Flex RFA ENERGY GENERATOR: 1190A-115A

The Barrx™ Flex RFA Energy Generator offers "2 procedures in 1", providing the flexibility to choose either the balloon based circumferential Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter for larger treatment areas or the Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheter for smaller focal areas.

Accessories included with the Barrx™ Flex RFA  Energy Generator:

  • Barrx™ Flex Footswitch: FLEXFS-010A

    Footswitch for hands-free activation of ablative and pneumatic delivery system

  • Barrx™ Flex Output Cable: FLEXCC-020A

    Connection cable for the ablation catheter to the Barrx™ Flex RFA energy generator


Products for Use with the Barrx™ Flex RFA System

Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter

Proprietary bipolar electrode array delivers precise circumferential radiofrequency energy to the targeted tissue area.

Available Diameter Sizes:

  • 18 mm: 32041-18
  • 22 mm: 32041-22
  • 25 mm: 32041-25
  • 28 mm: 32041-28
  • 31 mm: 32041-31

Barrx™ Soft Sizing Balloon: 3441C

Compatible with the Barrx™ Flex and Barrx™ 360 Energy Generators for automated sizing.

Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheter: 90-9100

Proprietary RF bipolar electrode array delivers energy to targeted smaller areas of tissue.

* Patents: 6,551,310; 6,872,206; 7,150,745; 7,344,535; and other patents pending

HALO<sup>360+<sup> Ablation Catheter

Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter


HALO90 Ablation Catheter

Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheter


Barrx™ RFA Cart: CART-100

Custom designed to accommodate Barrx™ Energy Generators, Barrx™ Sizing Balloons and Ablation Catheters, and accessories.

  • Overall dimensions:
    Height: 42.5"
    Width: 22.5" (34" w/trays)
    Depth: 23"
  • Product storage capacity:
    Quantity 18-Barrx™ 360 RFA Balloon Catheter
    Quantity 12-Barrx™ 90 RFA Focal Catheter
    or Barrx™ RFA Endoscopic Guidewire
  • Net Weight: 100 lbs.


Barrx™ Flex RFA Energy Generator: 1190A-115A

Barrx™ CART: CART-100 

*Generator, Catheters & accessories sold separately.

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